About Us

Buildstore.com.au is Australia's online marketplace for building, renovating and DIY.  We are proudly Australian owned and operated.

Our aim is to provide an online solution for private users and businesses to buy and sell products directly targeted at the building, renovating and DIY industry. In order to achieve this buildstore.com.au was created and we have worked hard at making the experience as user friendly,  practical  and enjoyable as possible.

Unlike other websites where you will pay fees to list an item or a commission when you sell it, buildstore.com.au is 100% completely free. Why pay fees when its the computer that does most of the work.

With free registration, auction, buy now and classified ads, selling and buying has never been easier.



Our Mission

"To provide a targeted online solution for users to buy and sell products of the building and renovating industry."



Buildstore.com.au is a great option for business's as a cost effective solution to sell your products, grow market share and increase your sales volume by reaching a larger and wider audience.  When selling from a shop premises your market is usually limited to your local area. When selling on buildstore.com.au your market potentially increases to all of Australia.



Building, demolishing, renovating. Wouldn't it be nice to have one website to search and compare all different products, styles and prices. Then order or bid for them online.



Demolishing, renovating or just need to get rid of some left over material. Sell it at Buildstore.com.au with free registration, no listing fees, no commissions, classified adds and auto-relist, selling those unwanted items has never been easier.



Buildstore.com.au believes that advertising of any business is crucial to its success so we have developed several different advertising structures for businesses to suit their needs and targeted audience.


Real Benefits

Make money instead of paying to dispose of unwanted items.
Purchase items at great prices.
Find items you can no longer buy now.



Add a you tube video to your listing as a marketing tool. Use it to promote your product, show installation methods or simple uses for your product.


Go Green

Support the environment and help make a difference, instead of sending your unwanted items to landfill (which costs you money) sell them on buildstore.com.au and put the money back in your pocket. Remember one persons trash is another persons treasure.