Can I change my username

You can send a request to buildstore to change your username by sending us an email through the contact us page located at the bottom of the page


Can I change my password

You can change your password by logging into your account and clicking on password. You can then enter and confirm a new password.


Do I need a valid email address

Yes you do. Upon registration you will receive a verification code in your email to complete the registration process.


Do I have to enter my credit card details to register

No, you can register as per normal, its optional to update your credit card details in your account page


Where can I view my buildstore fees

You can view your fees in your account>site fees. You can choose either current or past fees.


How can I pay my fees

There are two options to pay your fees, either by credit card through a secure facility or pay pal. To pay the fees, simply scroll to the top of the site fees>current page and you can choose between credit card or pay pal.


How do I change my account and billing information

You can change your account and billing information in your account page down the left hand side under the account heading.


Can I edit a listing

Yes, you can edit your listing through your account page under listing>active.


Can I end an item early if I sell it elsewhere

Yes you can through your account page under listing>active.


How does the auto relist function work

When you upload an item your putting up for auction, the second page of creating the listing you must choose the auction duration. Below this is an auto relist drop down box with numbers in it. The number you choose represents how many times your listing will automatically relist once the duration of the auction expires and the item has not been sold.


What does Good Til Cancelled mean

Fixed price and classifieds adds have this option when choosing the duration of the listing. This option will keep your listing active until it has been sold or you withdraw the listing.


How does the bulk relist function work

When a number of items have ended, you can bulk relist those items in one easy step. For example if you spend a bit of time uploading 20 or so listings, when they end you can simply bulk relist all the items by going to my account>listings>unsuccessful. You can then select which items you want to relist by checking the box to the left of the item, once you have chosen which items to relist, simply click relist (which is at the bottom of the page) and those items will relist. It will then tell you how many items you have relisted at the top of the page in the green box




Below are a few helpful tips on how to use buildstore and some of the features we have. Before you can use buildstore to either buy or sell, you must first register.


How to register

You can register by clicking on the register link (located on the top right corner of the home page). The registration form will appear where you can fill in all your details including your username and password. Once complete you are ready to use buildstore.


Setting up your account

To set up your account, you need to first sign in and then click my account.  You should now set up your “Payment” preference under the “Listing Preferences” section. If you accept Paypal, check the box and key in your Paypal account email address. If you would like to allow Instant Check Out, check the box accordingly (you must accept paypal to allow this option).

The “Allow Instant Checkout” option, when a payment method (PayPal) is added, will allow the bidder or buyer to checkout immediately using paypal after the auction ends or a fixed price sale is made. Alternatively, when it is not checked, the buyer must wait for the seller to create and send an invoice. You must have paypal linked to your account to choose the allow instant checkout option. This then allows the buyer to pay with paypal immediately.

If you have other payment instructions you wish to advise buyers of, such as that you “Accept Money Order”, “Personal Check”, or “Credit Cards”, simply enter this information in the “Payment Instructions” field. This will show up in your payment methods section automatically when you list a product for sale. Last, click "Save".


Listing an item for sale

To list an item for sale you must first sign in. Once signed in click sell. You can then start to create your listing with the following fields, some fields may incur fees and those fees are listed next to the field name.

Category  -  Click your desired category and then sub categories.

Listing type -  You then need to chose your listing type (auction, fixed price or classified). If you chose auction you can also have a reserve and buy now price. Click next.

Title - This is the main heading of your listing

Sub title - This appears below the title

Description - This will appear below the image on the item page

Listing field - This is where you set your price (for classified adds, a price is optional)

Images - Click upload image button to browse for your image. To delete an image you have uploaded, click the red X on the image.

You tube video - To add a you tube video to your listing, simply copy and paste the URL from your browser while watching your chosen you tube video.

Listing options - You can now chose your listing options by clicking the desired boxes

Shipping - Click the drop down box to chose your shipping option, then insert the shipping cost and click ADD. You can then add another shipping option. If your shipping option is free, you will need to add a zero for the dollar amount.

Payment details - Check to make sure these are correct, if not you can edit them by clicking the edit buttons below.

Duration - Click the drop down box to chose your desired duration. Auction listings have an auto relist feature located below the duration box with allows the item to be automatically relisted unless sold for the chosen number of auto relists. Buy now and classified adds have an option "good til cancelled" which keeps the listing active until it is sold or you remove it.

Once you are happy with your listing, click create listing. If you would like to make changes to the previous page click back but you will loose the information on the current page.


Bidding or buying an item

To bid or buy you must first sign in. Then click on an item you are after. To bid, simply place your maximum bid into the box and click submit bid, buildstore will bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid. You may enter a higher bid at any time during the auction. To buy a fixed price item, simply input how many you would like to buy and click buy now.


Invoicing system

When a buyer purchases one of your items, if the allow instant checkout option is not selected, then you have the option to create an invoice for the buyer by going to my account> listings> successful or clicking the link you receive in your email when your informed of a sale from buildstore. You also have the ability to modify the invoice by adding extras etc and then sending them the final invoice amount to the buyer.

 Its not compulsary to create an invoice when you sell an item. For example if the buyer came to you and paid cash as a private sale, there is no need to create an invoice so you can just archive the sale. If you do this however you will continue to have a 'listing awaiting action', to remove this you do need to create an invoice but do not need to send it.