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Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies (365411)

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Monday, 4 August 2014 2:51:12 PM
Location: Botany, NSW AU

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Timber & Building Supplies-

1569 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019

Phone 02 9666 9409 / 02 9666 9403

Wayne's World Timber & Building Supplies is an owner operated timber yard located in the heart of Botany, NSW just a few kilometres from Sydney Airport at Mascot.  We are the timber experts and our team of dedicated staff are here to help you out with your timber or building product requirement.  We give good old fashion service at timber and building hardware at the right price. 

We sell a wide range of timber, timber decking, joinery, timber flooring, Sheet materials, cladding, moulding, insulation, fasteners, wood glues, builder's hardware and doors.


Monday to Friday 7:00am - 4.00pm   

Saturday 8:00 - 11:00am