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Recycled Hardwood Flooring - Hughes Renovators Paradise (366957)

34995 Days, 23 Hours (Tuesday, 14 August 2114 2:26:15 PM)
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Thursday, 14 August 2014 2:26:15 PM
Location: Huntingdale, VIC AU

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 Australian Recycled  Hardwood Flooring   - removed from demolished houses around Melbourne   

Call - (03) 9544 3263


Prices start from $3 l/m 

 We also stock Balctic pine, Kauri pine & Jarrah flooring. 
Don't even bother going elsewhere, seriously ?? 

We Also Sell....Timber, Gates, Windows,Doors, Hardware,  Mantles & Grates, Lighting, Skirting Boards,  Bi-Fold Door Sets, Entrance Ways, Roof Tiles, Leadlights, Ovens, Heaters, Bathroom Vanities & Lots,Lots More... 

View our online store or visit our huge undercover warehouse located only 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, you never know what you might find. 

For more great items go to WWW.HUGHESONLINE.COM.AU   

17 Franklyn St Huntingdale , Vic 

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