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Window Protection PAW 55 (370990)

34955 Days, 18 Hours (Monday, 3 September 2114 3:03:48 PM)
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014 3:03:48 PM
Location: Hollywell, QLD AU


Protect A Window is the original (since 1992) and still the most popular protection system of its kind. Protect A Window is the Inventor of the paint-on peel-off protection system that protects windows and other surfaces during construction against scratches and grinding sparks and is recommended by the likes of Australian Window Association and Pilkington’s (Viridian) "Comfort Plus"  (Extract 4.1 from Pilkington’s recommendation for Protective Films “PAW55” 1/6/2003).

price per 15 litre drums but it's actually cheaper to get our franchisees to supply & apply - when professionally applied, there is no wastage and the product is then guaranteed to be able to be removed

franchisees available - call 1300 306 710

A scratch in the pane can be a real pain in the glass!