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Window Protection PAW Exterior 4 litre (371416)

35015 Days, 23 Hours (Monday, 3 September 2114 3:15:25 PM)
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Wednesday, 3 September 2014 3:15:25 PM
Location: Hollywell, QLD AU


PAW exterior protects against: Scratches caused when removing / cleaning:, Mortar, Render, Paint splatter, Grinding sparks, General dirt dust & grime, Tools / Tool Boxes, Foot Traffic, “Not me” accidental scratches.

PAW exterior can be used on: Glass including low “e” coated & tinted glass, All non porous frames including rubber & joints, Stainless steel, Fibreglass, PVC

Spa & Bath Tubs, Plumbing fixtures, Laminates & Marble, Granite & Reconstituted Granite,Tiles – Non Porous

PAW exterior is best applied by a franchisee Franchisees can apply in less time, no need to worry about residual or left over product or indeed whether you

have enough product  call 1300 306 710