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PIR Soffit Insulation (450373)

36494 Days, 15 Hours (Sunday, 20 November 2118 11:39:36 AM)
This item is available for direct purchase from the seller. No bidding is required.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018 11:39:36 AM
Location: Toorak, VIC AU


Our company is discontinuing our Soffit insulation range and is looking to offload stock that we are holding in our various warehouses around Australia.

Minimum order quantity is 30m2. We are happy to arrange postage anywhere in Australia at the buyer's expense. We move a lot of stock around the country so we have access to very competitive rates.

Our list of available PIR Soffit insulation products is below. The available quantities will be continually updated as we sell down the stock. The prices are heavily discounted from retail, especially considering the low MOQ requirements.

  • TS3 (Foil -faced), 25mm, R1.1 wholesale price $16.95/m2, VIC 276m2 available
  • TS3 (Foil -faced), 38mm, R1.7 wholesale price $18.95/m2, WA 840m2 available
  • TS3 (Foil -faced), 55mm, R2.5 wholesale price $27.90/m2, VIC 290m2 available
  • TS3 (Foil -faced), 66mm, R3 wholesale price $29.90/m2, NSW 100m2 available
  • DS3 (Matte - concrete look), 66mm, R3 wholesale price $29.90/m2, VIC 490m2 available

All stock is new from the manufacturer and has been stored in a climate controlled facility. We are happy to provide technical documentation and installation advice for these products for those that are interested. We are also able to supply fixing hardware if interested.

Please make initial enquiries via email.